About the BARS equipment loaner program

The BARS loaner program is intended to facilitate the loaning of equipment from one BARS member to another. This program is simply a matching system between people in need of some equipment with those having surplus equipment they are willing to loan out.

To see a list of the equipment available for loan please click here. If you see something that you have a need for and would like to borrow the item for a while please contact one of the club officers to be put in touch with the individual putting the item up for loan. 

If you have items you would be willing to loan out to another BARS member, please fill out this form and your item will be added to the list. Your name and contact information will not be available on the web site. All contact regarding the loan will come through the club officers. Establishing the terms and conditions of the loan itself is your responsibility.  Things you may want to consider when you discuss a loan may include some of the following:

  • What is the duration of the loan?
  • What would happen if the item were broken while on loan?
  • What would happen if the item were stolen from the loanee?

Keep in mind that the Beaches Amateur Radio Society is only providing a matching facility and is not responsible in any way for lost, stolen or destroyed equipment.